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Why Do Athletes Use Sweatbands

Why Do Athletes Use Sweatbands

The top elite cross training athletes have many things in common. They work hard, they train often, and they eat well.

But their similarities do not end at health and training. They also utilize the same equipment and accessories to help give them a competitive edge.

Perhaps you have noticed some of the top athletes in your box wearing sweatbands during workouts, and you wanted to know why but didn’t want to bother them with your questions.

Or maybe you noticed that some of the top cross training athletes in the world wear them, and you want to understand why they choose to do so on the biggest stage.

This article will explain why cross training athletes use sweatbands and why you should too.

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Prevent Their Hands From Ripping

First, wearing sweatbands is a fantastic way to help prevent your hands from ripping. The sweatbands will soak up any moisture that occurs from sweating, which is a common feature of most cross training workouts.

Rather than allowing that sweat to run down onto your hands, making them wet and slippy, sweatbands prevent it from ever making it past your forearms.

If your hands become wet and slippy, this is a recipe for disaster on the rig, and your hands will quickly rip, which can cause a lot of pain.

Not only that, but ripped hands can also prevent you from training for several days while you wait for them to heal or make you feel less confident about executing gymnastics movements.

Prevent Their Wrists From Getting Sore

Wearing sweatbands also ensures that cross training athletes’ wrists remain intact. When using gymnastic grips, over time, they can begin to rub on your wrists, which can cause nasty cuts or burn marks.

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As cross training athletes complete high volumes of gymnastic reps, they need to take all the necessary precautions to keep their hands in the best possible shape.

If not, and you try to use your gymnastics grips again in the next day or so, it can feel extremely painful.

Maintain Their Grip

Another reason why cross training athletes wear wristbands during workouts is due to the fact they help with their grip during barbell or dumbbell cycling.

As mentioned, not wearing sweatbands can lead to sweaty, wet hands, which could result in athletes finding it hard to grip the barbell, dumbbells, rower, or other equipment.

Without the correct grip, it can be extremely hard to be fast or efficient with movements, which is essential when you are competing at the top of the sport.

male athlete in black sweatbands

To Meet Sponsorship Requirements

Finally, cross training athletes might be required to wear wristbands as part of their sponsorship agreement. It is no secret that cross training athletes have to work hard to make it as full-time athletes, and a large part of their income comes from sponsorships.

In return for sponsoring an athlete, some companies may require them to wear specific clothing or accessories on the gym floor, which may include sweatbands.

Final Thoughts on Why Do CrossFit Athletes Use Sweatbands?

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Now you know why sweatbands are one of the first accessories that any top-level cross training athlete will add to their bag.

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