• I love the tape because it’s so humid, sticky and sweaty here in Texas and it stays on throughout that. Even 2 hours plus of pure sweating and barbell work it doesn’t budge!
    Alyssa Keith Christian
    CrossFit Games Regionals Competitor
  • As the nation's largest subscription in the CrossFit market, we have worked with countless brands and products within the industry.  Among these brands, LYFT-RX has been one of the top performing companies as observed through our influencer feedback, subscriber reactions, and through our survey rating system.  They are definitely a company that is committed to providing the best product they can, for the athletes that depend on them to enable their training.
    Ken Miller
    CEO of Gainz Box
  • My favorite lifting tape! Prior to using LYFT-RX, I always used athletic tape on my thumbs...but it cut into my skin when I was lifting and had absolutely no stretch or give. LYFT-RX stays in place, is stretchy and comfortable, and protects my thumbs without getting in the way when lifting.
    Molly Tilove
    Social Media Influencer, Olympic Weightlifting Competitor

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Premium Weightlifting Tape and Gear. Amazon’s Choice and Gainz Box voted #1 tape. Hook grip and thumb tape designed with you in mind.