When Should You Wear Thumb Tape for Weightlifting?

When Should You Wear Thumb Tape for Weightlifting?

When Should You Wear Thumb Tape for Weightlifting?

Have you noticed more people in your box wearing thumb tape when you're weightlifting?

Perhaps you have become interested in trying it but are not sure of the benefits and whether it is the right choice.

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The Rise in Popularity of Thumb Tape

Sports tape has become extremely popular with weight lifters and cross training athletes for several reasons.

Thanks to its adaptability, thumb tape is often used more frequently, especially as more athletes adopt the "hook grip" for Olympic lifting. 

Hook grip offers excellent support when taking on cross training workouts that require a high volume of barbell reps, such as Isabell, Dianne, or Grace.

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The Problem With the Hook Grip

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to using the hook grip, the most obvious one being it can cause plenty of discomfort. This issue is extremely common in beginner lifters but also occurs in more advanced lifters too.

Without the proper support, a hook grip can leave your thumbs feeling extremely sore and, in some instances, even cause rips and tears due to the pressure.

However, one way to overcome this issue is to use thumb tape when you execute Olympic lifts.

The Benefits of Thumb Tape

1. Protection from Tears, Rubbing, and Blisters

If you've done cross training for more than a week, chances are you have ripped your hands once or twice!

There's only so much help chalk can offer before your hands either rip on the rig performing gymnastic skills or on the barbell executing the hook grip.

However, just as gymnastic grips can help prevent callouses from ripping on the rig, thumb tape can help prevent your thumbs from ripping in a hook grip.

2. Flexible and Adaptable

There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a new pair of knee sleeves or grips only to realize they don't fit! 

Cross training accessory equipment can be expensive, so it is annoying when you spend hard-earned money on products that don't work as planned or fit as you had hoped.

There is no worry about that with thumb tape, though, as the material is stretchy and can be used by anyone, no matter their skill level.

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3. Easy to use

Applying thumb tape is quick and easy. All you need to do is wrap the tape around your thumbs, tear it off the roll, and check it is tightly fixed on your thumb, with no bits hanging off.

Some people with smaller thumbs like to tape slightly over their thumbs, as it makes their thumb feel longer, which makes hook grip easier.

4. Stronger Grip

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Finally, hook grip tape allows you to gain a much better grip for a lift, keeping your thumb securely and tightly locked in.

This action is incredibly important as you start lifting heavier weights and your grip begins to fatigue.

Final Thoughts

For the best quality thumb tape, look no further than LYFT-RX. Our thumb tape is made with premium-grade materials, and it's incredibly sticky and robust, offering the best possible performance.

Our rolls offer a generous amount of tape for the price and will perfectly set you up to PR your lifts.