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What to Look for in a Quality Thumb Tape

What to Look for in a Quality Thumb Tape

When you lift hundreds of reps a week, you might experience rips, tears, and blisters. Barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells can certainly be unforgiving, and your grip will let you know when it’s had enough. These injuries are generally minor but can still slow down your training. And worse, if left untreated, they can get infected. (Um…yikes?) That’s why it’s best to prevent tears from happening in the first place. That way, you can keep your grip in one piece and focus on your gains. #Win

So, what exactly can you do? You tape up!

In this blog, you’ll learn specifically what you need to look for in a top-quality thumb tape. It’s a tiny detail but will quickly become one of your strongest training allies.

Let’s go!

What to Look for in Thumb Tape

Not all tapes are created equal. And not only will the wrong tape fail at preventing rips, but it can actually get in the way of your training. Here are four qualities your lifting tape should have.

1. Durability

A quality tape will use high-grade material that will stay in place. It should outlast and stand up to your sweat, chalk, and every last rep of your workout. Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, a durable thumb tape will stand the test of your training. Your tape is meant to protect you. This means it shouldn’t rip, displace, or tear easily.

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If you have to stop in the middle of your workout to fix or replace your tape, it’s the wrong one. Remember, your thumb tape needs to work as hard as you do. That’s why durability matters. LYFT-RX combats weak tape by using a fabric with a little give. When you apply our tape, you’ll notice that it stretches slightly. This ensures that it moves with your grip, and not with the equipment you’re handling.

Tip: If you’re trying out a new tape, remember to try it on different parts of your hands to really put it to the test! For example, LYFT-RX athletes commonly use our tape on their thumbs but also on their other fingers.

You also want a material that’s thin but tough. Thick tape often sticks to the bar too much, eventually ripping. LYFT-RX is thin and soft but as fierce as you are.

2. Stickiness 

Thumb tapes that use cheap adhesive give out within minutes. And this can be a major pain — figuratively and literally — when you’re training. We especially notice other brands’ tapes giving out under the added pressure of chalk and sweat. Yikes.

That’s why it’s beneficial to have an adhesive that doesn't wear off easily. This means it sticks properly, stays in place, and does the work — even if you're sweating, using chalk, or doing hundreds of reps. It also shouldn’t leave crumbs or residue on your hands, because… gross.

Beyond the right level of stickiness to your fingers, pay attention to the ingredients of the adhesive itself, and how it’s produced. This stuff is going directly on your skin, so quality matters. LYFT-RX tape is breathable, non-allergenic, and latex-free. It not only protects your skin from rips, tears, and blisters, but it also guarantees that you’re not exposing your skin to nasty toxins that other adhesives are formulated with.

Tip: Want to know if your adhesive is full of garbage? If it gives off a strong odor, that’s a red flag.

3. Custom Fit

Every athlete is different. That’s why it’s important that you wear thumb tape for lifting that suits your hands. But how can any tape provide a custom fit for everyone?

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As we mentioned above, our tape is made of high-quality material that actually molds to the shape of your thumb (or fingers) without feeling stiff and unforgiving. This means you get freedom of movement, extra comfort, and top-notch functionality. All you do is anchor to tape onto your thumbs, wrap it around, and squeeze it into place. Simple.

Compare that to old, run-of-the-mill athletic tape with no give, and you’ll feel the difference as soon as you start wrapping it around your finger. It makes it much harder to maintain a solid hook grip, and you don’t need us to tell you how much that can impact your lifts. You should be able to wrap your tape at the tightness you prefer, without it cutting off circulation or inhibiting your mobility.

Psst! Be sure to read our blog on how to tape your hands for lifting.

Now that you know what to look for in a quality thumb tape, this is where LYFT-RX comes in. 

As athletes ourselves, we understand how challenging (not to mention annoying) low-quality thumb tapes can be — the types that don't stick, leave glue crumbs on our hands, and get in the way of our training. This is why we designed finger tape that can handle any kind of training. Our goal? Come up with a tape that feels so natural that it’s almost like a second skin. Created by athletes, for athletes, LYFT-RX will be with you through every last kipping pull-up and kettlebell swing.

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Remember, no matter what sport you’re in, your hands need protection. So, stock up on high-quality thumb tape for bodybuilding, functional fitness, powerlifting, and weightlifting, and take your training to the next level — blister-free!

Discover how you can train better with our thumb tape and other fitness products, including hand grips and weightlifting belts. Shop now with LYFT-RX and keep smashing through those PRs.