What Size of Grips Should You Buy?

What Size of Grips Should You Buy?

What Size of Grips Should You Buy?

Are you considering purchasing your first pair of Cross Training grips? 

Perhaps you already have a pair of grips, but you are not getting on with them, and you want to replace them with a pair that suits you better.

One of the most important things to get right when you are choosing cross training grips is selecting the right size. Without this, you will lose many of the benefits that they can provide you during a workout.

This article will identify what size Cross Training Grips you should buy and why.

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Gloves vs. Grips: What’s the Difference?


If you opt for gloves to execute CrossFit gymnastic movements like pull-ups, toes to bar, or muscle-ups, you must enjoy pain.

Gloves are not designed to be used on bars or rings and do not provide the support or rip prevention required. 

Keep your gloves in your bag, stored away for rope climbs or deadlifts.


Instead of struggling through with gloves, you should opt to use a pair of grips. A pair of cross training grips is the best accessory you need for any gymnastic movements.

They are quick and easy to put on, and when worn correctly, offer additional grip and support for your training. They are perfect for big Hero WODs like Cindy, Fran, or Murph.

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The Benefits of Wearing Grips

Better Grip

As the name suggests, the right cross training grips will provide you will more support on the rig or rings. Rather than your grip fatiguing and costing you valuable reps, you can hold on for longer and improve your workout times with Cross Training Grips.

Better Protection

Alongside better grip, Cross Training grips also provide your hands with much-needed protection. CrossFit is a fantastic hobby, but it can take its toll on your body!

To help ease some of that pain, protect your hands with a pair of Cross Training grips. Not only will this allow you to do more reps, but it will also prevent you from ripping your hands and impacting other workouts and movements.

How to Wear Your Grips

Most people wear their Cross Training grips incorrectly. While grips can offer support to prevent tears, if you wear them wrong, these issues can still occur. Not only that, but it makes your gymnastics movements even tougher!

While it might seem like using grips properly is as simple as jumping up and gripping the bar, that is not the case.

Hanging from the bar correctly will lock your hands on the bar and reduce the chance of tears.

Try to create a small fold in line with your knuckles, as this will create a “dowel” effect. This technique is commonly used in gymnastics, as it provides a much more robust grip, and prevents your hands from slipping during toes to bar, pull-ups, or muscle ups.

What Size Cross Training Grips Should You Buy?

One of the common mistakes that many people make when purchasing Cross Training Grips is that they purchase ones that are too small.

Your grips must be slightly bigger than you might think and fit loosely on your palm.

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If you purchase grips that are too tight, you will not see the benefits that this accessory can offer, and you’re not going to have fun struggling through your gymnastics movements.

For additional support, you may also want to invest in some sweatbands. They will add additional grip and prevent your grips from pinching your wrists.

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