crossfit athlete grabbing gymnastics rings using lyftrx grips

The Truth About Palm Grips

The Truth About Palm Grips

You might love pull-ups but hate what they do to your hands… Muscle-ups might be your jam but they destroy the skin on your wrists… 

LYFT-RX has been helping you lift heavier since 2015, and we’re here to raise the bar when it comes to grip protection. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce you to our brand new carbon grips!

Wait, Why Do I Need Grips in the First Place!?

If you haven’t experienced rips, tears, or blisters yet, it’s bound to happen. Demolishing rep after rep with the barbell or on the pull-up bar can also demolish the skin on your hands.

Rips aren’t just painful, if not properly cared for, they can also lead to infection. Did you know research once found staph bacteria on every piece of equipment across multiple gyms?

All of this means less time in the gym busting through PRs and more time resting. Finger tape definitely helps. (Psst! Be sure to read our blog on how to tape your hands for lifting.) But when you need more coverage, hand grips are a must.

Ok, Cool! So I’ll Just Grab Any Pair of Hand Grips, Then?

Red light! Let’s stop for a minute. When it comes to the gear that you train with, it pays to be picky. Here’s the problem with most of the hand grips on the market.

1. The Material Just isn’t Durable Enough

Grips are pointless if they rip within a few workouts, and that’s often what happens. Cheap, flimsy, and overly-thin material simply can’t stand up to your WODs. If you have to pause mid-workout to take your grips off and end up tearing anyway, it was all for nothing.

Many brands try to cut corners by using cheap material. What you’re left with is a sad pair of torn grips that couldn’t make it through a single lifting sesh. 

2. Sizing is a Nightmare

No two pairs of hands are the same. So, you need grips that are easily customizable for you. Easier said than done! Most offer very limited sizing and personalization, meaning that they provide too much coverage or not enough, or they’re a bit too loose or tight.

The same can be said for the finger holes. If they’re too tight and narrow, they dig uncomfortably into your skin. If they’re too far apart, the material gets bunched up in between your digits and the grips also slide around too much.

Finger holes can be a problem in general because you might not need your grips for the entire workout — only certain parts of it. So, your only option is to keep taking them off and putting them back on again, wasting precious seconds. That won’t work.

3. They Prevent You From Getting a Good Grip on the Bar

Equally as bad as too-thin grips are too-thick ones. These make it impossible to fully grasp whatever you’re training with — the pull-up bar, a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. 

So, what’s the solution?

Well, instead of cheap and flimsy material, you need something like premium carbon fiber. 

Instead of fidgeting with finger holes, opt for fingerless grips. 

Instead of one-size-fits-all gear, opt for grips with adjustable wrist straps.

And that’s exactly what LYFT-RX offers.

Click on this link to get you pair of LYFT-RX Carbon Palm Grips!