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How a Lifting Belt can Help Increase Your Max Lifts

How a Lifting Belt can Help Increase Your Max Lifts

There is no better feeling than hitting a new personal best in the gym. When you first start lifting weights, you will quickly find yourself smashing personal best lifts across the board.

Deadlifts, squats, cleans, snatches, you name it. With some technical work, we often surprise ourselves with just how much more we can lift than we previously thought.

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However, as your training progresses and your technique no longer becomes the limiting factor preventing you from hitting new records, you beat your personal bests less often.

It is common to see people begin to plateau with their lifting, either due to a mental block on a particular weight or a lack of confidence in their technique.

How can a Lifting Belt Increase Your Max Lifts?

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Reduced Stress on Your Spine and Stabilization

Several studies have shown the impact wearing a weightlifting belt can have on reducing stress on your spine.

By wearing a lifting belt, you can increase intra-abdominal pressure by as much as 40%. On top of that, it can also reduce the compression on your intervertebral discs by half.

While that sounds like a lot of technical, scientific jargon, it has a significant impact on your body. If you think of intra-abdominal pressure, like inflating a balloon within a small cage.

As the pressure increases, the cage pushes into your spine, which supports it from the inside.

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While that occurs, your core muscles and lower back push into your spine from the other side.

This outside and inside pressure help hold the spine in place and lower the stress it takes when you attempt a heavy lift.

Improved Mindset

Finally, on top of the scientifically proven physical benefits, wearing a lifting belt also offers mental benefits. By strapping on a lifting belt, you are telling yourself that you are locked in and ready to hit that lift.

You can stop worrying about hurting yourself because your weight belt will support your body and help you maintain good form.

It is incredible how much impact having the right mindset has on ensuring you reach your lifting goals, and a lifting belt can help you maintain a positive outlook and go into each one rep max lift with 100% intensity.

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Choosing the Right Belt

When you purchase a lifting belt, you want to ensure it lasts a long time while not breaking the bank. Our 4-inch wide, completion-approved, premium nylon belt is just $20.99 and offers excellent security and durability. It uses a double feed system that quickly locks the belt and ensures it won't pop out of place while you lift.

Select your favorite color and start working towards new PRs in the gym!