Lifting is a grind that leaves you breathless... - LYFT-RX

Lifting weights isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a grind that leaves you breathless, but more importantly, inspired. Inspired to be more than you were before the weights left the platform, and to be more than you were when you nailed the lift. I’m ready to conquer the next thing here in the gym, and…. in life. 

Not all tape can keep up with my grind. LYFT-RX weightlifting tape knows my story. Its flexibility understands I won’t be successful every day. Its durability stays with me during my successes and fails, and its toughness matches mine. Together, we don’t quit. 

LYFT-RX weightlifting tape allows me to be one with the bar, doesn’t slip, and adheres to my fingers the entire workout.

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