The LYFT-RX weightlifting tape is a resilient stretch athletic tape with a premium adhesive, perfect for Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, functional fitness, gymnastics, and more. Our proprietary blend of fabric and adhesive delivers the ultimate mobility and hand protection needed during the most intense lifts and workouts.


Use it to protect your thumb while you hook-grip, as well as your fingers. Cuts and rips decrease performance, lead to deeper cuts and infections, and increase the likelihood of injuries that cause considerable recovery time. Additionally, traditional athletic tape constricts the blood flow in your hands and restricts the natural movement of your fingers. LYFT-RX tape is specifically designed for gripping.

LYFT-RX is ready to revolutionize the way you tape up, not only for your everyday grinding workouts but also during competition, when it matters the most. Hit new PRs, stay in the game longer and lift with full confidence knowing your hands are protected and primed.


LYFT-RX tape is a huge improvement over old, stiff athletic tape. Flexibility is vital to allow the athlete to maintain a good grip on the bar or barbell, without inhibiting movement. Because it molds to the shape of your finger, it will stay securely in place while always providing comfort and functionality.


Your hook grip is our top priority. We use only the highest and best quality adhesive that will stay on during that 1 rep max Olympic lift and all the way to the finish of a high-intensity WOD. Our adhesive is latex-free and non-allergenic. It does not leave a residue after use.


The unique fabric of the LYFT-RX Tape is composed of a non-slip material and weave that act as a protective armor around your skin. It is highly resilient, capable of heavy loads while absorbing sweat and chalk without compromising its structure. LYFT-RX is simply the best in its class hook grip protection.

LYFT-RX Weightlifting Tape

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How to Apply the LYFT-RX Tape

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