WolfHunter Wrist Wraps


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  • Weightlifting and functional fitness wrist wraps honor the men and women of law enforcement, also known as the Thin Blue Line family.
  • Protect your wrists during heavy cycles of snatches, clean and jerks, bench presses, dumbbells, and deadlifts. Utilize the stability during high repetition movements like kettlebell swings, rope climbs, thrusters, handstands, pullups, and sled pushes.
  • Constructed of heavy-duty cotton, polyester and rubber, providing a balance of support and flexibility. Maintain a full range of motion without sacrificing stability. Our wraps won’t cutoff blood flow yet they give strong, structured support around your wrist.
  • The wrist wrap specifications are as recommended by Olympic weightlifting champions: 18 inches long, 3 inches wide, a 4-inch Velcro attachment, and a 2.5-inch thumb loop which keeps the wraps in place.
  • Decrease the likelihood of injuries and muscle fatigue. Increase your PRs, reps, and weight with confidence knowing your wrists are stable and braced.
  • Our wraps offer quality craftsmanship and are machine washable and built to last.





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You’re a WolfHunter – that’s why you train HARD. When the time comes… YOU ARE READY. Remember that feeling when you gear up? Focused, head down, eyes up… It’s time to work.

Why the LYFT-RX wrist wraps?

Inspired design, the toughest materials, tested by champions – only the quality that you can expect from LYFT-RX.

Why protect your wrists?

The wrist has a complex configuration of bones and ligaments. It’s a system that you put a lot of stress on during your workout. You need strength and a full range of motion. Without wrist wraps, you increase the likelihood of injuries ranging from a bad sprain to a torn ligament.

Don’t have that kind of setback. Give your wrists the support they need with the LYFT-RX WolfHunter Wrist Wraps. These are limited edition… Add to cart and get yours now.