LYFT-RX Tape 3-Pack (White 2-inch)

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3-Pack  (3 Rolls)

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  • #1 HOOKGRIP PROTECTION – Designed specifically for hook grip and fingers. Prevents cuts, rips, tears, and blisters during barbell work, kettlebells, rope climbs, rings and more. Key uses include Olympic weightlifting, Strongman, Powerlifting, and gymnastics.
  • ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY – Uniquely flexible fabric allows your joints to move naturally, improving dexterity and a feel for the bar. The tape molds to the shape of your fingers for extra comfort, functionality and a true custom fit.
  • PREMIUM ADHESIVE – Only the highest grade adhesive is used. The tape stays on your skin during the most intense and sweatiest workouts, whether indoors or outdoors, humid or cold.
  • RUGGED DURABILITY – Heavy-duty non-slip material and weave acts as a protective armor around your skin. It is highly resilient, capable of heavy loads while absorbing sweat and chalk without compromising its structure.
  • EASY APPLICATION AND HYGIENIC – No scissors needed, tear tape by hand. LYFT-RX Tape is breathable, non-allergenic, latex free and does not leave a residue.


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The new LYFT-RX White Oly Lifting Tape is here! For athletes who prefer a wider tape this is you! The 2-inch wide tape is perfect for Olympic weightlifting.

LYFT-RX tape is a TOUGH, HIGHLY FLEXIBLE, ADHESIVE Weightlifting Tape perfect for Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, gymnastics and more. Our proprietary blend of fabric and adhesive delivers the ultimate mobility and hand protection needed during the most intense lifts and workouts.

Use it to protect your thumb while you hook-grip, as well as your fingers. Cuts and rips decrease performance, lead to deeper cuts and infections, and increase the likelihood of injuries that cause considerable recovery time. Additionally, traditional athletic tape constricts the blood flow in your hands and restricts the natural movement of your fingers. LYFT-RX tape is specifically designed for gripping.

LYFT-RX is ready to revolutionize the way you tape up, not only for your everyday grinding workouts but also during competition, when it matters the most. Hit new PRs, stay in the game longer, and lift with full confidence knowing your hands are protected and primed.

We have done our research and rigorously tested the product for you. Get your 3-pack now and receive a bonus e-book, How to Apply The LYFT-RX TAPE, with your purchase. Check your inbox after completing your order!


5 reviews for LYFT-RX Tape 3-Pack (White 2-inch)

  1. Rodney

    Awesome tape! Helps protect my thumbs while making heavy weightlifting movements.

  2. Teresa Flanagan

    This tape is perfect for lifting! I love that it’s flexible enough that I can cover my entire thumb and still comfortably have full range of motion. I even use it to protect my thumbs when I’m doing bar work like pull ups and toes to bar, and it stays put through it all!

  3. William Pulvino

    Bought the 3-pack a couple months ago, only just got thru one roll training 5x/week. Extremely strong & durable, doesn’t unstick even over chalk. Protects thumbs and covers cuts. Also comes with free e-book via email on how to wrap the thumb. Honestly, zero complaints.

  4. Amy

    I love this tape and I cannot go a day without it. I use it every time I lift or do any work on the pull up bar. I’ve tried many different kinds of tape and this is the only one that stays in place even when you start sweating.

  5. Gavin

    Does not slip off thumbs! Does not cut off circulation to thumbs! Outstanding product! Recommended to any crossfitter or oly lifter!

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