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  • Premium soft leather hands grips with a double wrist wrap support. Key uses include gymnastics, CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting, and Strongman workouts.
  • Fingerless, no-hole design, provides maximum coverage for your palms and fingers.
  • Quickly transition to bare hands for the barbell, jump rope, handstand walks and more.
  • Palm protection is made of 2 layers of leather that are double stitched for a dependable long-lasting pair of grips.
  • Dual wrist wrap support system: 1. Leather strap with velcro keeps the grips in place 2. Elastic adjustable nylon strap for compression and wrist support.
  • Leonidas Grips works great with chalk, absorbs sweat and are washable. 
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You wanted a REAL LEATHER GRIP with a BEEFY WRIST WRAP… We made it happen!

No-hole fingerless design for maximum palm and finger coverage. 100% double layer of premium soft leather combined with a dual wrist wrap support. The battle-tested Leonidas Grips are built to last; handcrafted and double stitched using only the finest materials.

Stop ripping your palms and get a pair of the LEONIDAS GRIPS. Conquer your workouts like the TRUE WARRIOR YOU ARE!

We called them LEONIDAS for a reason… so YOU can be UNBREAKABLE, UNBROKEN, UNDEFEATED.


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